where their money can be swapped for their freedom. In

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where their money can be swapped for their freedom. In

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While NFL players such as Ray Lewis http://www.bearsfootballauthentics.com/riley-ridley-jersey-authentic , Darrell Russell and Jim Dunaway were accused of committing some pretty heinous crimes, they were never convicted of them. However, not all NFL players were as fortunate as those three, since dozens of them have been charged with and convicted of a wide variety of crimes. These range from speeding tickets and drinking and driving charges to drug trafficking, sexual assault, armed robbery, kidnapping Shareef Miller Jersey , murder, and serial killing.Like all other walks of life, playing for an NFL team is a job or career. This means there will always be some bad apples among the bunch, just like any other profession. However, it’s usually hard for people to wrap their head around the fact that famous, well-paid athletes would jeopardize everything they’ve worked for by committing crimes. It appears that no matter how much money somebody may have, there’s a stronger motive at play when a crime takes place.The list of current and former NFL players who have served or are serving jail time would definitely be longer if they hadn’t settled out of court though. This is often where their money can be swapped for their freedom. In addition http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/zach-brown-jersey-authentic , players found guilty of using drugs are often just suspended, fined, sent to rehab or released by their teams. This list of 15 NFL players who went to jail consists of some well known football stars and some you may have never heard of. Their sentences range from just a couple of years to life in prison with no parole. Perhaps the only thing they have in common is they were all NFL players at one point in their lives and have all been convicted and sent to prison for their actions. The Johnson County, Kansas, district attorney has investigated a pair of incidents involving the son of Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. The authorities announced on Wednesday that charges will not be filed against Hill or the boy’s mother, Crystal Espinal.Prosecutor Stephen Howe said at a press conference, “We believe the a crime has occurred http://www.raidersauthorizedshops.com/authentic-isaiah-johnson-jersey ,” but that “the evidence does not conclusively establish who committed the crime.”Howe seemed to be frustrated by the inability to prosecute the crime that was committed, pointing out that under the American criminal justice system, “We would rather let guilty people go free than convict innocent people.”The criminal investigation is closed for now; however, an active investigation continues regarding the protection of the child, who reportedly was recently removed from the home. Howe said on multiple occasions that the child is “safe,” but he declined to say whether the child is in the home.Howe said that his office has not spoken to the NFL or the Chiefs about the situation. He also would not discuss any facts regarding the crime that was committed, citing the sensitivity of the situation given the age of the child.Howe characterized the situation as a “whodunit Devin Bush Jersey ,” but that there’s no way to determine who committed the acts. Eventually, Howe acknowledged that someone “hurt this child,” but that it simply can’t be proven who inflicted any injury.“We want to hold people accountable who hurt children,” Howe said.While Hill may not have to worry about the prospect of being prosecuted or jailed (for now), he’ll have a separate problem with the NFL. The specifics of that problem will be outlined in a subsequent item.

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