utumn is an ordinary, ordinary, poetic

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utumn is an ordinary, ordinary, poetic

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utumn is an ordinary, ordinary, poetic, fairy-tale word that everyone has it, and it belongs to everyone. And the autumn in my eyes. It is a colorful, sweet an is coming, followed by a gentle, cool wind, gently stroking the children's faces. In autumn, it came quietlinst the whisper; the scarecrow in the middle of the field is doing its utmost to protect the field. It always stood there, wearing a straw hat, a big smile on his face, a look of embarrassment; the occasional flying scorpion decorated the field with vitality Online Cigarettes. After a while, I fell on the scarecrow's straw hat, resting on the grass for a while, and playing with the little butterfly for a while, really like a naughty and lively child; the vertical and horizontal Tian Hao managed the field well... the brushed rice, the smiling scarecrow Leisurely, there is a breeze, bid farewell to the city's hustle and bustle, enjoy this kind of nature. You will be refreshed, and all your troubles will be forgotten. The autumn at this time is like a white fluffy, sweet and silky marshmallow in my eyes, which makes people feel happy and hapciously, time is passing qon, send your thoughts away. Whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival, the wanderers outside can't help but miss the relatives in their hometown. They can't help but say, "I hope that people will live forever and forever." Although they are alone, they can't reunite with their families and enjoy the full moon together. I enjoy the moon cakes together, but I feel that everyone��s hearts are connected together. Everyone is caring for each other. This is a comfort to yourself. The Mid-Autumn Festival, which was accompanied by family members Newport 100S, had an inexplicable bleakness Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and the Mid-Autumn Festival, where the family was happy and happy, had an unspeakable loneliness. The leaves are rustling, the moon is also setting the atmosphere, the silver moonlight shrouds the earth, the world is immersed in a quiet... The autumn is just like bitter and sweet chocolate in my ee sun and the moon are going, the weather is gettutumn wind is rustling, and the cool wind can't stop coming to people Marlboro Menthol 100S. The leaves slowly turn yellow, fluttering in the wind, dancing like a butterfly, then falling on the land and slowly decaying. The autumn wind slowly blew away the heat of summer, bringing a cool breeze Marlboro Gold Pack. It flew over the classrooms of the book, flew through the quaint farmhouse, and flew over the lake like a mirror, with layers of ripples. The autumn at this time, in my eyes, like mint, spleen and t is different and unpredictable. It makes us feel the richness of nature. It generously dedicate

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