��La la la la!�� The beautiful

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��La la la la!�� The beautiful

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��La la la la!�� The beautiful ringing sounded again, the children on the playground rushed back to the classroom, and our classmates in the fifth grade were no exceptioass!" "Get up!" "Teacher is good!" "Classmates are good." I saw the teacher's smile and looked like a good thing. "Students, today, let's learn the fifth unit - the different denominator addition and subtraction." After that, the teacher wrote these words on the blackboard. "Please ask the students to open 61 pages..." "Teacher." is the classmate of our class, "I can talk about it again, I haven't understood it yet." "Okay,... Next, please ask the students to think about a problem Marlboro Cigarettes. Five-fifths and three-fifths that big?" Liu Wenkai quickly raised his hand. "Well, Liu Wenkai please answer." "Five-fifths." "Why?" "Because of the pass Marlboro Cigarettes Price, five-fifths is twenty-five-five. And three-fifths are three. Twenty-one of twenty-one." "Very good, please sit down Cigarettes For Sale. Classmates, let's play a game next?" "Good!" The students agreed. "Let's play drums and spread flowers! I will knock, where is the flower, who will rise up and answer my question." "Hey." "The teacher is at Ma Yonghao!" "Ma Yonghao, one third And what is two-quarters bigger?" "Well," Ma Yonghao thought for a moment, "two-quarters big!" "Very good!" "Hey." "Teacher, is Guo Zhikai." Guo Zhikai, which is 14/12 and 14/F, which is bigger?�� ��Seventeenth of a big.�� ��Good!���� ��Nasty The next class bell sounded at this time. "Let's go!" "Get up!" "Thank you teacher, teacherer, you are like spring rain, nourishing our seeds. Teacher, you are like a gardener, repairing our saplings. I love my teacher.hildhood is colorful and beautiful. Childhood is the most worthy of our memories, because there are our best memories, because we were innocent and lovely at that time. Of course, at that time, we will inevitably do some stupid thi summer when I was 4 years old. My mom and I went to the bookstore to buy books. After going through a flower shop, I saw an aunt who was trimming roses. An elegant fragrance came from the nose, and some rose petals were scattered on the floor Online Cigarettes. I couldn't help but bend down and pick up a few petals, gently stroking the petals. Yeah, the petals are so beautiful, they feel setals home, found a beautiful flower pot, dug a small pit with a small shovel, sprinkled the rose petals in a small pit, and covered the soil. From then on, the first thing I came home from school was to water the rose petals, hoping that it would grow up and bloom, and bloom beautiful flowers. Time passed day by day, the rose did not sprout, I was anxious Cigarette Online, and quickly digged the soil to see it, black and dark, my petal was gone. I was so anxious to cry, my mother rushed to ask me why I was sad. After listening to my words, my mother stroked my head and smiled and said to me: "The rose petals you planted are not gone. It grows in the mother's heart, and now it has blossomed. Mom has received your has passed five years, it still makes me remember. Every time I see a rose, I think of a petal, and I can't help but laugh.

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