The effectiveness of vacuum pump accessories

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The effectiveness of vacuum pump accessories

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Vacuum pump maintenance today and we say the effectiveness of vacuum pump accessories said.
Wear: wear is a common failure mode of vacuum pump accessories, one is the friction wear between parts in contact with the surface under the condition of lubrication. This kind of wear speed is slow, wear failure is mainly related to lubrication, sealing conditions.
The other is in the absence of lubrication conditions, friction between parts or material friction on the surface of parts caused by wear, this is particularly prominent in the vacuum pump. For oil-type vacuum pump, the wear in lubrication is particularly prominent, mostly due to the deterioration of vacuum pump oil, and foreign impurities caused by poor lubrication.
Fatigue fracture: fatigue is a failure mechanism and crack generation is a failure mode. As mentioned in vacuum pump maintenance, they often end up breaking parts. The fatigue failure process usually exists in the parts under alternating load, and also occurs in the important parts such as the gear shaft. There are many factors involved in the fatigue fracture, so it is necessary to analyze the failure parts, find out the reasons and take countermeasures.
Deformation: deformation is also a common failure mode of vacuum pump parts. Due to the pump at high speed will produce a certain high temperature.
Corrosion: corrosion is another failure mode of vacuum pump parts. It is commonly used in vacuum pump operating under PCB, chemical and other working conditions with complex process.
The above information is provided by small make up, if you need to know more, welcome to visit the official website, if there are vacuum pump maintenance needs, welcome to inquire, we are engaged in this type of work all the year round, with professional experience and technology, is worth your confidence!
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