Give me a "Bone nail" anchor and I can move all your teeth!

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Give me a "Bone nail" anchor and I can move all your teeth!

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Give me a "Bone nail" anchor and I can move all your teeth!
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Give me a "Bone nail" anchor and I can move all your teeth!

Messagepar baozhen » ven. 6 mai 2022 09:41

Here are the answers to the above questions:
When teeth straightening, many patients have two major "fears", one is afraid of tooth extraction, and the other is afraid of nailing.

In fact, although the bone nail is small, it has helped the orthodontist a lot. Today, Baozhen will talk about those things about the bone nail~

Learn about bone nails
Bone bone nails, also known as Implant bone nails, help teeth move precisely! The shape is similar to ordinary bone nails, but the volume is very small, the general length is 7~9mm, and the diameter is only 1.5mm.

In the treatment plan, doctors often use bone screws to precisely control the movement of the teeth in order to achieve the best treatment effect.

For example, a protruding patient who needs to have a tooth extracted to provide an adduction space, the doctor found that his molars do not need to be adjusted, just move the front teeth back as a whole after the extraction, and close the extraction space.

If you simply wear braces, the molars will move under the reaction force of the front teeth even if they are very strong.

At this time, if a bone nail is inserted, it will be firmly planted in the bone like an anchor, which can resist the reaction force of the orthodontic force and achieve a satisfactory therapeutic effect.

bone nails

Does nailing a bone nail hurt? Will it recover soon?
This may be a question that everyone is most concerned about. Many patients shouted: "No tooth extraction, no nailing, okay?" In fact, everyone's fear of nailing comes from their own. imagine.

Before implanting the bone nail, we will apply anesthesia first, and then inject a little anesthetic into it to ensure that the implantation process is painless. At the same time, the speed of 1 bone nailing is also very fast, usually completed in 5 minutes or less.

After the anesthesia is removed, the pain varies from person to person. Some people feel pain, while others do not feel it. Generally, the pain and discomfort will subside after 1 day, which is tolerable for most people.

When the bone nail is removed, a hole is left behind. However, the oral lining has a strong self-healing ability, and it can heal within 1 to 2 weeks without leaving any traces. The alveolar bone will slowly complete the healing and reconstruction within 3 months.

Cleaning after nailing a bone nail should not be ignored
After the bone nail is implanted, it needs to be cleaned reasonably. When brushing your teeth, you should consciously use a soft brush to clean the part of the bone nail that exposes the mucosal surface. If the cleaning is not good, the bone nails may loosen and inflammation may occur around the bone nails, so do not neglect cleaning!

Anchorage bone nails are implanted on the bone, and the force of the bone is used to move the teeth to the position we want, which greatly improves the efficiency of our orthodontic treatment. Many orthodontists hear that the bone nails hit the bone, They will be shocked: "God hit the bone, it must be very painful!" In fact, it doesn't hurt at all!

If you've ever had a tooth pulled, that's great. Pulling a tooth is like getting a slash and a needle in it compared to a bone nail implant. There are not many pain nerve endings distributed in our alveolar bone, and there is no obvious pain after the anesthetic wears off.

In addition, after the bone nail is implanted, there will be no bleeding, and there is no need for taboos. You can immediately hang traction, and your teeth will gradually become beautiful 24 hours a day.

That's all for today's introduction to implant bone nails. I hope everyone can overcome their fears and look forward to the magical effect brought by bone implants!
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