"Song Ji Ah" uses a fake to delete all photos on Instagram. Post an apology clip again.

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"Song Ji Ah" uses a fake to delete all photos on Instagram. Post an apology clip again.

Messagepar jiraporn66 » lun. 25 avr. 2022 05:54


Song Ji Ah from "Single Inferno" deletedเกมยิงปลาall photos on Try playing slots as much as possible, including games from many well-known camps with impressive service. Free Play You don't need a user to play. You don't need to download it to install it on a heavy phone, but you can use it to play right away or play via a direct link on the website page. All channels have access to your favorite games without lag and can be played uninterrupted. Support for both Android and iOS mobile and tablet applications, including use on notebooks and PCs her personal Instagram. Post an apology clip again for using a fake

On January 25, 2022, reporters reported that "Song Ji Ah" young YouTuber And the cast of Netflix's Single Inferno has deleted every photo on their personal Instagram. Only the previous handwritten letter of apology remained.

She also posted a video on her own YouTube channel. As an apology for what happened again, in a YouTube video, she apologized in Korean. It has a total length of 3.54 minutes under the clip titled “It's Song Ji A”. If translated into Thai, it has the meaning as reported by allkpop as follows:

“Hello, this is Sung Ji Ah, I would like to apologize for uploading this sorry video late. And I'm sorry for causing so many people to worry.” and bowed his head to apologize again.

She continued to apologize. “I accept the controversy over the use of counterfeit luxury goods. And I accept that it's all my fault.”

she continued, “As a YouTuber, I should have been more careful and cautious in all my actions. But I destroyed the image of the brand and disappointed many people. And I want to apologize.”

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