"Soda mixed with salt" can cure diarrhea, really?

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"Soda mixed with salt" can cure diarrhea, really?

Messagepar jiraporn66 » jeu. 5 mai 2022 05:46


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by the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration has revealed that this belief is not true Drinking soda with salt is not recommended.

The reason for this is because soft drinks contain higher amounts of sugar than in brine. It is also compressed gas and if ingested it can cause bloating, indigestion, or make diarrhea worse.

In addition, the FDA also recommends that if diarrhea occurs normally. Drinking powdered sugar, mineral salt, or ORS is another option that can help relieve the symptoms of dehydration in diarrhea. along with enough rest Do not eat spicy or spicy food.

if severe vomiting Bloody stools, foul-smelling stools, fever over 38.5 degrees, should seek immediate medical attention.

In conclusion, drinking soda mixed with salt helps to cure diarrhea. not true and may make the symptoms worse as well

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