Taiwan donates 200 'oxygen concentrators' to Thailand to fight COVID-19

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Taiwan donates 200 'oxygen concentrators' to Thailand to fight COVID-19

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Taiwan donates 200 'oxygen concentrators' to Many people stillสล็อต wallet เครดิตฟรีdon't really understand the meaning of this term before betting on real money. But it's definitely more or less important, and each game has different features and terms, so it's best to study them. To be better than other gamblers Thailand to fight COVID-19
Taiwan government donated 200 oxygen concentrators for the Ministry of Public Health with an oxygen concentrator donation ceremony Went on February 11

The report states that all the oxygen concentrators which have been gradually shipped to Thailand since mid-January. In the past, the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand will continue to deliver to the hospital under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office In Thailand invited representatives from the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and overseas Chinese residing in Thailand participated at the oxygen concentrator donation ceremony on February 11, 2022

Mr. Xu Wei Min, Deputy Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Thailand has said that since the outbreak of COVID-19 Taiwan has donated masks Oxygen concentrators, vaccines and other items. to partners around the world to join the fight against the ongoing epidemic

Thailand and Taiwan have a close relationship. In addition to the government of Taiwan and the private sector 1.4 million masks have been donated to Thailand. Overseas Chinese residing in Thailand continue to participate in donating medical supplies. which has a total value of more than 10 million baht, demonstrating the close friendship between both countries And I sincerely hope that both countries will go through the epidemic crisis together soon.

Ms. Sureewan Thaiprayoon, Deputy Director of the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand Thanked Taiwan for donating oxygen concentrators and medical supplies. to Thailand Thailand is learning to live with COVID-19 and hope that this epidemic will resolve as soon as possible

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Re: Taiwan donates 200 'oxygen concentrators' to Thailand to fight COVID-19

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