FFXIV - DRG Rotation

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FFXIV - DRG Rotation

Messagepar ffxiv » sam. 26 mai 2018 05:58

If you have been playing drg and feel like you got the rotation down, however you are wondering if you should always at any point in the rotation use everything on cooldown or if its more optimal to save certain abilities to pair them up with each other? Like saving BFB for other OGCD's or vice versa? If you love FFXIV, we are proud to offer the best prices on Final Fantasy XIV Gil that we possibly can we love helping you guys get the players you want and help you make your team as strong as possible.

Outside of the opener, you typically just use your oGCD abilities whenever they come off cooldown, with a few exceptions:
▶ Blood for Blood: You ideally wanna use this just before Chaos Thrust, as it will last all the way up until your last Wheeling Thrust (just before you have to refresh Heavy Thrust)
▶ Life Surge: Always save it for Full Thrust
▶ Gierskogul: This one is a little weird cause you typically use it on cooldown, but there's situations where you purposely wanna hold it (Namely if you have Jump/SSD coming up in less than 10s and you just need one more eye to hit LotD). Typically though if you do the opener right (which has you using Jump 1 GCD before Gierskogul) then it'll just naturally be up in time to activate LotD.
▶ Dragonfire Dive: Typically you use this on cd after the opener, but if you know there's gonna be a lot of AoEing within the next 2 minutes after it comes back off cooldown (Ex: O5S), you'll wanna hold onto it cause it's fantastic for AoE damage

Basically you wanna have BFB active when you apply the dot with Chaos Trust. For your opener you use BFB right before Chaos trust. During the middle of the fight, you can use it pretty much when it's not in CD, just not right after Chaos Thrust and the three spells that comes after that (Wheeling Trust, Fang and Claw and True Thrust), so BFB will be up for the next dot.

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